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  Meiyi is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling flavours and fragrances. Its headquarters is located in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.
Flavours and fragrances are Meiyi’s main products. They are widely used in the following industries: beverage, diary, ice-cream, confectionery, biscuits, tobacco etc; fragrances are used in detergent, shampoo, toilet soap, shower, perfume, air fresher, toothpaste, candle and other daily product industries.
  Meiyi has the largest direct sales network in flavours and fragrances industry in China with 55branches covering over 30 provinces and cities.  At present Meiyi has over 3, 000 direct customers with a sales volume increased of 30% annually. It’s products are warmly welcomed in all markets of China as well as exporting its products to Southeast Asia and other countries. In order to enhance its competitive abilities further Meiyi adheres to the service principle of satisfying customers, continuously perfecting service rules, supplys customers with comprehensive services such as market investigation, product development, application service and after-sale service according to the manifold needs of customers. Because of the great efforts continuously made by Meiyi it has won a popularity for its products both at home and abroad.

  50 million has been invested by Meiyi to build their research development and application center for flavours and fragrances in which advanced laboratory  analying and testing instruments including GC, GC-MS, Head Space Analyzer, Automated Sample Testing Instrument, Electronic Density Instrument, Digital Refractometer and flash point meter are used. With the design and completion of a first-rate scientific base for studying flavours and fragrances, a firm platform for flavourists, perfumers and technicians to study high-tech products has been established. Senior flavourists, chemical experts in flavours and fragrances industry, professional engineering technicians in both food and daily product industry come together in Meiyi’s development center. The development center possesses strong ability to develop high-tech products to meet the demands of customers and improve their ability to meet the market challenges according to people’s individual and diverse needs for food and daily products.

  In Feb. 2002 Meiyi passed the authentication of ISO 9001-2000 quality system assessed by TUV of Germany and in Dec. 2002 Meiyi was appointed as “ Guangzhou  High-Tech Enterprise” by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province; flavours development center, fragrances development center and product application center was appointed as “Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center.

  Meiyi pays much attention to company Message. Being president and concurrently general manager Dengning considers the key competition faced by company is talent. Talented people are the precondition for enterprises to develop and are at the core of company Message. After 5-years of hard struggling a good habit of respecting knowledge, respecting talent and promoting talented achievers has been formed. In order to develop against strong competition and keep a firm position in China and overseas markets a group of high quality employees are trained. “ Being Honest, Producing First-Rate Products, Supplying Good Service and Making Benefits for all People” is the spirit of Meiyi’s 5-year experience. This spirit is the foundation in Meiyi’s development, the power source, and it is the basic requirement to achieve new success in promoting system and science creation.

  Looking ahead, Meiyi is quite confident of its future, a successful way to do business has been found through its effort. Though the way for Meiyi’s further development is covered with difficulties, Meiyi will insist on following the spirit of “Being Honest, Producing First-Rate Products, Supplying Good Service and Making Benefits for all People”. We’ll continuously develop company Message, create management rules which can meet the needs of markets, promote the abilities of scientific innovation, shouldering social responsibilities by following world’s scientific steps, seizing every chance, meeting all challenges to make Meiyi become a world class production base for flavours and fragrances production, opening a new century for Chinese flavours and fragrances and making Meiyi well known in the world.


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