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 The company has high–quality contingent of foreign perfumers,food flavor research and development center,and daily application of flavor research and development center and product center three research platform,and with South China Agricultural University, set up a joint R & D Center,established Huanong post-doctoral mobile stations.
 Mei-Yi has become an important spice industry, talent, R & D and training base ! More than 4000 customers at home and abroad to win the unanimous praise!
 Today,the United States and the beneficial owner of sweet flavor,savory flavor,daily flavor,smoke flavor four series of more than 5000 products are widely used in everage,dairy,ice products,candy,baked products,oral care products,pharmaceuticals,the tobacco industry and other fields and detergent,shampoo,soap,shower gel,perfume,fresh agent,candles,and other daily-use industrial products,and provide personalized on demand system solutions,US beneficial spices,with China Flavors and Fragrances industry,the largest direct sales network,but also the only direct the implementation of the flavors and fragrances business,reduce circulation,reduce costs for customers over the country"s 82 overseas branch offices and more than 10,serving more than 4000 customers at home and abroad !
 Amercia benefits spices, spice industry is committed to providing customers with system solutions,the Chinese fragrance industry, one of the leaders, China"s national industry and international brand creator.


ProductName: MUSK ROSE Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-913047 ProductInfo:
ProductName: breeze Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-93211 ProductInfo:
ProductName: EVENING ON THE ROADSTEAD Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-952056 ProductInfo:
ProductName: PACI Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-732046 ProductInfo:
ProductName: JIEBAO Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-718029 ProductInfo:
ProductName: RED DIAMOND Odor Descrit:
ProductCode: HGP-70549 ProductInfo:

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